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The overall objective of SELEA project is to "support the sustainable development of the country via improved environmental requirements and management by enabling Government Institutions to develop, implement and enforce environmental legislation to EU standards". This objective is closely tied to the pre-accession process. As the environment Acquis is a crosscutting area, its implementation requires an integrated approach that implies coordination mechanisms across all governmental levels, local responsibility and action, accountability of state institutions and public participation.

SELEA project assists the inspectorate to improve the efficiency of environmental enforcement and compliance actions, as a means to meet the environmental objectives and at the same time as a means to strengthen the confidence in government authorities and legislation.

SELEA project assists with the drafting of a number of strategy and planning documents, including the National Air Quality Strategy, a number of Directive Specific Implementation Plans, a number of Regional Waste Management Plans, a number of Protected Areas Management Plans, as well as an Environmental Investment and Financing Plan.